Stop and Smell the Roses

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I finally did what I heard so many tell me that I did not know how to do; while I was in Corporate America.  I stopped and smelled the roses.  As trivial, yet truthful, as those words may have been nearly ten years ago, they were actually word curses. Be careful what you say, you just may get it; is the common cliche.  Actually, be careful what others say to you, and about you.  Because, you will reap what has been sown into the atmosphere.  Therefore, I found myself working at one task, but contemplating the next: what should I do, where to go, and How; before I finished the first. I resented the fact I had to wait. Wait! Why?  I am ready now. “I got things to do, places to be and people to meet,” was my motto.  Now that I am employed by God, He recently told me I was Restless.  How do you rest when you are still waiting; For the When, The How, and What was Promised? After all, aren’t we supposed to labor?  Well, if you don’t do the task(s) His Way, in His time, designed by His Will, your labor will be in vain.  The thorns on these rose bushes are what crowned and pierced the head of our King. Our employer. Our Creator.  I inhaled the fragrant beauty of the Rose of Sharon.

I Stopped and Smelled the Roses. I invite you to do the same.