Rock Bottom for Restoration

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When it is stated someone has hit rock bottom there is usually a negative connotation. Perhaps their controlled substance abuse, or poor choice in a mate caused the outward appearance of a complete loss of material things.  But, what if the circumstances were through no fault of your own?  What is it called when you are completely depleted and have nothing else left to give?   Waiting on the Promise of restoration.

You see hitting rock bottom and the restoration process can look quite similar.  The only difference is the cause. Both paths must go through a very ugly stage before being restored to utmost value.   Yet, no one wants to touch, be seen with, or handle ugliness.

Would you want to be seen in this?

At the place of rock bottom and restoration, it is perfectly natural to try and help yourself.  Afterall, that is what the world teaches.  Yet, the Word says,  You can do nothing of your own. Except, Wait on the Lord to lift you up and give you 100 fold restoration.

Perfection takes time.

It takes time to restore creation back to its original state of perfection.

 “Don’t rush perfection.”

The purpose of perfection is so that you may be entirely complete wanting nothing.

After undergoing the intense pain of priming, purging, processing and repositioning,  the person who hit rock bottom, or awaiting restoration, receive Gods beauty for ashes with a higher net value.

restored beyond recognition

Those who shunned you during the restoration process, now wait in line to partake in the finished work.

The poor is hated even of his own neighbour: but the rich hath many friends. Proverbs 14:20

Freeloaders want to enjoy the fruits of the labor but weren’t around to help pick the fruit.

If you are going through anything, know that you are not alone. The pain may be unbearable at times, but the Promise is perfection.

I AM restoring you 100-fold.