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Every thing that God created arises.

The sun rises.  Birds arise and sing.  During the last moments of Jesus life on earth he endured suffering, beatings, disfiguration, pain, humiliation,  senseless brutality and asphyxiation.  Crowds gathered to watch an innocent man hang on a cross made from a tree.  They cheered.    He died to set us free from bondage.

Then He rose.

Luke 13:10-16  Says, Satan had bound a woman for eighteen years. She had a spirit of infirmity.  Strong’s Concordance defines Infirmity as weaknesses of our human nature.  Verse 10 says this woman was in the synagogue.  She went to “church,” ya’ll.

Then she met Jesus, who loosed her from bondage.

How many of you rose today bound by oppression, sickness, or disease?

 Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. John 8:36

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