Phenomenal Women in Christ

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When God begins a work in you,  Philippians 1:6,  it is exciting, painful, joyous,  and

has many unexpected twists and turns. I must admit, when He called me to do His

Will back in 2004, I was not the “eager beaver. ”  I was unsure what He had called

me to do and I had no idea what it would entail.  I found out.

 It cost me EVERYTHING

While Going Through,  tears, pain, lack and suffering, I could have

never imagined what He had prepared for me years later; being interviewed on

television.   Yes. TV.  RTN  Cable channel 22 Phenomenal Women in Christ show

airs  Wednesday’s at 5:30pm EST.  I talk about what I went through, and

I encourage you to get my book;  Yes! You Can Get Through, located at

 Because I am a living testimony.  To God be all the Glory!