My bout with Confusion

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It seems to never fail.  I am usually tested by the topic(s) I give. On Sunday, the topic was Confusion Costs and Compromise Can Kill. Afterward, I went out to pick up a few items. I asked the Lord, where I was to go, and was shown the area.  But I wanted a change of scenario.

So I headed in another direction and went to the same intended store. I gathered my items and went to check out. I noticed 90% of the employees were of reprobate minds.  Read the word in Romans 1:27-28 to grasp the understanding.  Given the sale items I had chosen,when the clerk rang my total, it seemed excessive. I reviewed my receipt and pointed to a different clerk an item had rang up incorrectly and referred to the displayed sale price.   I even went back and pulled the yellow sticker sale price tag from the shelf where only 3 of the same cans of cashews remained; as proof.  He stated he would need management to do the void.  The same clerk who had rang up my items returned. My proof, receipt, and item was passed to him.  He studied the yellow sale tag and said my item was the wrong size. I asked for a refund on everything.   While returning the items from my receipt, he had just rang up less than 10 minutes prior,   he asked another clerk to verify the price on another item. I could not get out of there fast enough. I signed my return receipt and wrote Confusion! in the comments section.

1 Corinthians 14:33 God is not the author of confusion.

Their confusion cost them a sale and return customer.

I went to the same store in the area I was initially shown and got my can of cashews at the sale price, the rest of my items,  plus a few more;  at less cost.

My delayed obedience cost me time.