Don’t Let it Rattle You

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At some point, we all receive mail, or are told news with the intent to upset our perfectly lovely day.  Upon receiving my piece of unsavory news, the Holy Spirit spoke, “Don’t let it rattle you.”  Now, I gotta tell you, initially I was ready to take flight, and put action steps in motion. But not everything require human intervention; especially when you have a relationship with the Spirit of Truth.  A few days prior to receipt of this news, I was shown in the spirit, by the Spirit, the antithesis of the “false” claim.  Therefore, all I needed to do was Declare, “Let it be unto me;”  That which was shown in the spirit realm, to come to pass in the earth realm.
When you have a relationship with Truth, lies from the enemy cannot shake you. Because you are standing on the firm foundation, which is the Word from the chief cornerstone.  No matter how long a lie is told, it will never become true.  Truth will always prevail. Next time you receive adverse news, respond according to the Holy Spirit.

“Don’t let it rattle you.”

A recently heard message dated 2015:

If you have not experienced any holy spiritual encounters, Won’t you Join me in this Love relationship with the Spirit of Truth?

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