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I recently heard on a christian radio station it was now unpolitically correct to call the animal living in your home a pet. I believe the new phrase someone somewhere in government wants to adopt is constant companion.
Taken from Perioscope post
Don’t call me ‘pet’

Animal owners should not longer refer to their furry (or not so furry) friends as “pets” – they’re “companion animals.” And those owners? They should be called “human carers” – the word “owner” connotes an problematic and antiquated understanding of animals as chattel or property. Even the term “wildlife” is mildly offensive in the animal kingdom – the correct phrasing is “free-living”, or “free-ranging”, according to the new academic publication dedicated to opening up the discussion about animals and morality, the Journal of Animal Ethics.

The Journal, the Reverend Professor Andrew Linzey, a theologian and the director of Oxford’s Centre for Animal Ethics, used its inaugural editorial to condemn the use of “derogatory” words such as “critters”, “beasts”, “vermin” and “pests”, and “unfair” turns of phrase, such as “sly as a fox”, “fat as a pig” or “drunk as a skunk”. “We shall not be able to think clearly unless we discipline ourselves to use less than partial adjectives in our exploration of animals and our moral relations with them,” Linzey and his co-editor, Professor Priscilla Cohn of Pennsylvania State University, declared.

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What I would like to know is, what survey was taken and how did the animal participants convey to these humans they no longer wanted to be called “pet?”

People, there are major issues at hand. Seriously, this is least of all. Genesis 1: 26- 28, says we, human beings, were given dominion over critters and creatures.
But you wouldn’t know it by the way some folk idolized animals, break down in convulsions over its loss and provide inheritances in wills.

It is written in 1 Corinthians 14:33, God is not the author of confusion. Because of confusion in the behavior of humans, animals are becoming territorially aggressive.

The other day I was walking down the sidewalk. There was no lake, pond or nearby marsh. A duck was standing on the grass. As I approached, it did not move. Neither did I. I got closer, and it had the audacity to hiss at me when I passed by. I reminded it, that it was on my turf. I used to feed ducks as a child and remember them running from humans.

And its gets better. I mean worse. I heard a woman say she ran in the street and was nearly hit by a car; running from a bee.

Fear will get you killed.

And the best of all is dogs with rights. I heard on BBBc radio that in New Delhi, the new status symbol was a dog. A lady described the doggie spas, shampoos and other gizmos created to luxuriate and pamper Fido.

Anything you worship other than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is idolatry; causes iniquity and the Lord’s face to be hidden from you. Because God is a jealous God.

Why is (wo)man idolizing something you have dominion over?

I was sitting at a bench in the park. Bees kept coming nearing me. I was about to leave when the voice of God said to me, “You have dominion.”

You too have dominion, God says so. Exercise your God given rights!